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**REMOTE LEARNING** For 4th marking period a special Google Classroom has been set up for the 8th grade FACS cycle class. Please email Mrs Schafer at [email protected] for the classroom code. 



We have been working hard to rethink and redevelop our curriculum. Making it more modern and more beneficial to the modern life of young adults. This web site is designed to walk you through all the wonderful classes the Family and Consumer Science Department (FACS) here at Haddon Township has to offer. Have fun exploring the site and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Schafer.


Foods 1 & 2 are currently offered in the fall semester only.

Clothing 1 & 2 are currently offered in the spring semester only.

Parenthood Ed is a full year course, and includes teaching the Little Hawks Nursery School in the spring.