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Guidelines for Applying to Private Schools


Please be aware of the following guidelines regarding transcripts and

recommendations for applications to private schools:


  • If you are applying to all schools through the SSAT, there is no need to send recommendation forms from each individual school. The SSAT recommendation form is the common form for these schools. For schools that you are applying to directly, we will need a separate recommendation form for each school.


  • All teacher recommendations go directly to that subject teacher. The Guidance Office handles the counselor recommendations and transcript requests.


  • Upon receipt of the recommendation form or transcript request from your student, we will give the student an envelope which includes:
    • A release of information form
    • A student questionnaire form to be completed by the student
    • A parent questionnaire form completed by the parents


Parents must sign a release of information form in order for us to send copies of your student’s transcript to SSAT or the schools. The information contained in the questionnaire forms help us to write a complete and accurate recommendation for your student.


**We cannot complete any forms until we have received this information.**


From the return date of the information forms, we require TWO WEEKS time to complete and send out the recommendations and transcripts. Please keep this in mind as you consider application deadlines. Teaching your student to be responsible and prompt in this situation will help them understand the importance of deadlines.


All recommendations and transcripts will be sent directly to SSAT or the Admissions Office of the school that your student is applying to. No recommendations will be sent home with the student to be included in your application packet. This is also true for teacher recommendations.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these guidelines.  Should you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please contact Kathy Prassas, Guidance Secretary, at ext. 4119.


Private School Paperwork to be Filled out