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 Timberlane Middle School

 Guidance & Counseling Services


    Mrs. Stimmler, 
  School Counselor

       609-737-4004 ext. 4125



Counseling Department Mission Statement



The mission of Hopewell Valley Regional School District's School Counseling Services Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. School counselors are professional school advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement.

At Timberlane Middle School, the goal of the school counselor is to help students develop the foundations of self-reliance, resiliency, and responsibility. With a comprehensive, developmental counseling program, counselors work as a team with school, parents, and community to create a caring atmosphere in which children's needs are met through prevention, early identification and intervention. By being available to assist students with their academic, social-emotional, and life skills development, school counselors support the mission of the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.  



Why Middle School Counselors?

Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies, and expanding opportunities. To help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders, and citizens, every student needs support, guidance, and opportunities during adolescence, a time of rapid growth and change. Early adolescents face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement. 





What does a School Counselor do?  

Fosters positive attitudes towards school, learning, and work
Helps with academic achievement and goal setting

Encourages personal responsibility
Facilitates educational planning
Develops career awareness

Listens and understands when you face a challenge
Visits the classroom for classroom guidance lessons
Works with new students
Works with students individually and/or in a small group setting
Helps students learn important organizational skills and academic success skills 
Helps parents with tools for successful parenting

Act as liaisons between students, parents, teachers, and child study team members in order to promote positive academic and educational development.