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Pre-Kindergarten Art

Emergency Plans for distribution when school access is limited.

Dear parents and guardians: If the school experiences a shut down please keep checking this webpage.  The Artsonia website is the place to connect to school art. Parents can upload their childrens’ work from home.  It is a unique opportunity to share your childs art with friends and family and their teacher (me). Once you sign in with your family passcode, you can invite people to view and comment on your child’s artwork.  

If you have not received an email from artsonia with the sign in information, please email me at and I will send you all that you need.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.


Pre Kindergarten

Lesson 1

Title: My Family and Pets

Essential Question: Can I fill the whole paper with a drawing of myself? 

Objective: The student will draw a portrait of their family, feel free to include pets, real or imagined.

Materials: paper, crayons

“The first thing we do is always the same, we take a crayon and write our name.”

Lesson 2

Title: Connect the Dots and Color the Duck

Objective:The student will follow the number sequence to complete the picture and add color.

Materials: Duck connect the dots page, crayons

Vocabulary: knowledge of numbers to 20



Watercolor painting has been a big hit in PreK.  Students are enjoying using oil pastel as well.

As the school year continues the pre-kindergarten students will gain skills in recognizing shapes from triangles to hexagons.


In the Spring, look for the chicken sculptures coming home in backpacks.


Literature as inspiration: for art making, curiosity for books and reading, will be a focus in art class.  If you haven’t seen the books by award winning children’s author Herve Tullet, look them up.  The kids love to read along with his fun “Art” books.


Please check back here for news of each marking period.