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Fifth Grade Art


Emergency Plans for distribution when school access is limited.


Dear parents and guardians: If the school experiences a shut down please keep checking this webpage.  The Artsonia website is the place to connect to school art. Parents can upload their childrens’ work from home.  It is a unique opportunity to share your childs art with friends and family and their teacher (me). Once you sign in with your family passcode, you can invite people to view and comment on your child’s artwork.  


If you have not received an email from artsonia with the sign in information, please email me at and I will send you all that you need.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.





The Fifth Grade is taking a leadership position in the Art Room this year.

Design skills in compostion, color, emphasis and commnication will be called upon to create bulletin boards and school wide projects.


Get ready for:

Henri Matisse 

Charles DeMuth

and more..



Please check back here for news of each marking period.

Parents are always welcome to help out in the Art Room and hanging Art Shows! (pending volunteer check in, see Main Office 609 884-8485)