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Ms. Fruchtman - Art Room 40

2019 - 2020






Every Student in our school has an online gallery of their art work.

All that you need is an email address. 

If you have not recieved your parent passcode please send me an email at [email protected]

Lessons will be posted on the Artsonia website and opportunities to submit work from a cellphone, pad or computer.



3/22/2020 Artsonia Teachers :: QR Code Access 1/1
Artsonia Classroom Mode
PARENTS – Our school is offering a way for students to submit their artwork
to their Artsonia portfolio from home.
Your child can use iPads or similar devices (or even a browser) to photograph
their own artwork, make edits and enter artist statements - all on their own!
The artwork will be reviewed by the art teacher prior to being published.
Download the Artsonia 6.0 app in the Apple or Android app store, select the
"Students" option, then scan the Access Code below (or manually type in the
code). You can also go to on a browser if you don't
have a compatible device.
Access Code: FRRN-CDCP
You can view a short tutorial video by going to
If you have any questions, please contact Artsonia at 800-869-9974 or


“Artsonia is the world's largest student online art museum with over 50 MILLION artworks published from schools worldwide! Thousands of teachers, parents and students use Artsonia every day: teachers use it to manage school art galleries in a safe and educational manner, providing a positive and safe educational environment for students to showcase their creative works, developing students' pride and self-esteem and involving parents and relatives in student arts education.”

If we have your email address, please look for an email invitation to sign up and grant permission on line.

Safety and Privacy of your students personal information is completely protected on the Artsonia Website.


It only takes a minute and your email address.  

Grades 5 and 6 will be posting Artist Statements and using the website to assess their own work and write reflections.

If you have already granted permission for your student in years past, that still works, and thank you.

Please check the Grade level page for your students. There you will find a brief description of what your child does (or will be doing soon) in Art Class.


 Contact me anytime at (609)884-8485, ext 241 there is always email: [email protected] (probably the best) or leave a message on my mobile phone, (609)408-0009





WANTED: Parent Volunteer Must have a smartphone. Must be willing to photograph artwork and post it to Artsonia. (They have a free App that makes it so easy) Hours: whatever is convenient for you!



The Art Room is collecting the following materials:  Old Maps (*who needs them, don't we all use Google Maps now?)  Plastic jars with lids, used and sturdy boxes ie: cell phone, tablet, laptop boxes.

colorful plastic caps, such as caps from: laundry detergent, peanut butter, soda bottles etc..


Thank you.