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Focus Art Secondary



Title:  Virtual Zoo




 During the Coronavirus shut down I encourage all Focus Art students to continue to sketch and explore.


Please check out the Cape May County Zoo website.  They are posting lessons each day.  


Assignment: Students will choose one lesson from the Virtual Zoo School and watch the video.  Please make two drawings of the animal you study.


You can upload your drawings on the Artsonia website.


Please check for responses and requests from me.


Thank you,


Stay Safe and keep checking here for more assignments.



Focus Art students meet once a week for an extra Art experience.  The Secondary Class is a combination of students from Fourth to Sixth Grades.


Projects for the first marking period include:

Book Making



Print Making


Please check back here for news of each marking period.

Parents are always welcome to help out in the Art Room and hanging Art Shows! (pending volunteer check in, see Main Office 609 884-8485)