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Jersey Cat (Interlibrary Loan)





What is Jersey Cat?

Jersey Cat is the New Jersey Interlibrary Loan system, powered by the State Library of New Jersey.  It allows students, faculty and staff to browse and borrow books from any participating library in New Jersey.  Please note, the JerseyCat system is located outside of the Haddon Township School District's website.


How does Jersey Cat Work?

Jersey Cat runs on the courier system.  This means that when you request a book via the school media center, it will be sent to us by a delivery service.  The same is true vice versa--when someone requests a book from our media center, we notify the delivery service to pick it up.  Any book you borrow from Jersey Cat will be picked up and returned to our Media Center---DON'T mail it back on your own.


How do I Start Using Jersey Cat?

1. To use Jersey Cat, follow the link to get into the system.  You DO NOT need to log-in.


2. Once connected to the state catalog, use the search bar to look for a title, author or subject.  After hitting enter/search, you results will be listed on the next page.  


3. From the records generated, pick the one that is the best match for your needs.


4. IMPORTANT: Click the tab for "Where to Find It."  There must be a library with an (ILL LENDER) note next to it.  If you don't see (ILL LENDER), then the book is not available.


5. To request, look to the left of the screen.  You will be prompted to "Email Record" or "Print Record."  To email the record, select that option and send it to [email protected] or [email protected].  To print the record and physically give it to the library staff, just print it!  Make sure you label it with your NAME, and 2nd PERIOD CLASS, so we know where to notify you.


6.  The library staff will take care of the rest.  We will inform you when the book is ready to be picked up, or let you know if there was a problem getting the book.