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Hello! Welcome to our 2023 Back to School Night!

Here are a few highlights from our in-person sessions to use as a reference throughout the year.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Daily Binders: Students each have a daily binder that holds their assignment book, daily folder, and pencil pouch. 

Assignment Books: Students will be given time to write assignments for each class each day. Parents do not need to sign the planner each night, however the teacher or parent at any time may make the request to sign the planner nightly if a student is struggling to keep track of his/her assignments.

Daily Folder: There is a Keep Side and a Take Side to this folder. Items in the Keep Side are for student use and should remain in the folder. Please check the Take Side for notices that are timely and may need your attention - including notes from the main office or possible teacher correspondence. 

Sign & Return/Notices Folder: Students will periodically use this folder as a way for the teacher to share information about academic progress. Any assessments should be reviewed and returned to the teacher in a timely manner. 

Homework: Expect your child to have homework each night for Math. (Monday-Thursday) Assignments are due the next day unless otherwise written in the planner. Social Studies homework will be rare, usually studying for upcoming tests or quizzes which will be written in the planner in advance.

Birthday Celebrations: You may send in a store-bought, pre-packaged snack with your child the morning of their celelbration. Please contact me prior to sending in any treats so that I may share any allergy concerns.


Contact Information for Mrs. Tranz

Mrs. Tranz's email: [email protected]

Mrs. Tranz's School Phone Number: (856) 769-0855 ext 3059