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Welcome to

  Algebra II/Pre Calculus Honors,

AP Calculus AB






Class Requirements/Rules/Expectations




1.       Textbook


All students are expected to have their textbook covered at all times. They will be mostly used for homework but will be necessary for selected in class assignments. You are responsible for your own textbook and must pay for a replacement if lost or damaged. Students also have a texbook online.






2.       Classroom  Supplies


It is imperative that all students bring their binder and sharpened #2 pencils to class every day. This notebook should be for this class only and should have perforated sheets in case an assignment must be handed in. A graphing calculator is recommended.






3.       Attendance


Attendance is important in order to comprehend the lessons being taught in class. If you are absent for a class (excused or unexcused), you are responsible for all material/homework covered during that day. All makeup homework, exams/quizzes must be taken/handed in on the next day of class. Cutting class is unacceptable and you will receive a zero for that day. Tardiness will also not be tolerated .






4.       Extra Help


If any student needs additional instruction, I will be available before and after school for limited time in room 6343. Questions and comments are always welcome. Additional tutorial: Zero Period-Mr. Fung room 6354, Mr. Messiha room 322

Period 4 - Mrs. Dawidowski room 4226, Period 5- Mr. Katz room 219, Period 6 - Mrs. Nasser room 115.





70% Tests                


15% Homework


15% Quizes




5.       Exams/Quizzes      


Exams will be announced far in advance from the exam date. If a student is absent on the day or on the previous day of the test, he/she is still responsible to take it the following school day. Quizzes/pop quizzes will be given more frequently than tests.




6.       Homework


Homework is an EXTREMELY important part of this class. It will be assigned everyday. We will go over homework on the day it is due. Some homework will be checked and others will be collected for a quiz grade. It is important that you show all work and attempt every problem assigned. Every homework asssignment should have a heading as follows: date, chapter-section, and page of the textbook.




7.          Participation/In Class Assignments


In order to fully grasp the lesson being taught, it is important to pay attention and participate in class discussion. Being consistently active with class discussion and in class activities, will help your grade, as well as gain a better understanding of the material.




8.           Behavior


As a part of this high school, you are no longer children, but young adults. I expect you to raise your hand and wait to be called on if you wish to answer or ask a question. Mutual respect is a valuable part of life and will take an important role in this classroom.