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This contract is for VIRTUAL learning only.  

You will receive a new contract once we begin in-class instructions.   


Classroom Rules and Expectations


  1. You are expected to log into Schoology daily and complete all assignments by the due dates. If you have any challenges, please contact me right away to avoid getting behind. 

  2. Follow the Code of Conduct for Schoology (located in the “Start Here” folder). 

  3. Do your best and contact me if you have any questions. 

  4. Log in on time for class. Tardiness will be documented and reported to your VP daily as per BHS policy.  

  5. You must use your school-issued Chromebooks for all learning activities during the math period.


Suggested Materials:


  • Notebook used exclusively for math (preferably 3 subject). This will help you study for the tests and quizzes. 

  • 2 sharpened pencils 

  • Textbook (PDF posted in the “Class Materials” folder on Schoology)

  • Calculator (preferably TI-84 - this may be available on your Chromebook from PARCC testing, or you may be able to use a free or trial version). Once we return to school, you will be able to use the calculators in my classroom. I posted some links on Schoology in the “Helpful Links” folder that will help you perform graphs, calculations and tests in place of the TI-84.


Online learning: All your assignments and class materials will be posted on Schoology. In addition, we will be using Khan Academy often. Login information is shared in the “Start Here” folder on Schoology.  You will be notified if additional online resources are added.  

Daily Class Activity: Each day you will log into Schoology at the time of your class (see schedule posted in the “Start Here” folder). You will then log into the live session and remain logged in until the end of the class period. I plan to use the Conferences feature within Schoology, but this may change to Google Meet if we encounter any issues throughout the year. To connect to the live session, click the Conferences tab on the left. Then click the button to enter the live session.  

Technical issues: As with all technology, we may encounter some problems along the way. Please be patient with me and yourself and give your best effort. If you have any issues, please seek support from the Technology Department ( and keep me posted as well. For additional information, please check out the other links on the left. 

Homework:  Homework is designed to reinforce topics learned in class and will be assigned every night as a very important part of the learning process. Homework assignments with due dates will be posted daily on Schoology. Unless stated otherwise, all homework assignments are due the following day. Homework should be completed with all work/computation showing. No credit will be given without work. You will lose 10 points for each missed homework assignment. Reading your textbook will be an essential part of your homework and will be assessed through reading quizzes. 

Test/Quizzes:  There will be at least 4 tests per marking period in addition to the District Assessment.  All tests will be announced in advance and you will receive a review assignment to prepare. Quizzes (including reading quizzes) may be administered unannounced, so be prepared for each class (and log in on time). Occasional projects, or open notebook quizzes may be given.

Late Assignments:  Any graded assignment handed in after the due date will receive 10 points deduction for each day the assignment is late. After the 5th day, 70 points will be given at most- if everything is correct.

Academic Integrity:  Copying any assignments from each other or from any other source will result in a zero grade for all parties involved. All plagiarism will be reported to the Vice Principal and/or the Director of Mathematics for further disciplinary action.  (Plagiarism statement must be submitted on Schoology) 



Notebooks:  Taking notes is required at all times (include date and chapter number/title for each day for easy reference). This will be helpful to study for tests and quizzes as well as the AP exam.   

Textbooks: You will receive a PDF version of the textbook, posted on Schoology in the “Class Materials” folder. If you would like a hard copy of the textbook, please let me know so that we can make arrangements with Mr. Baccarella for pick up. If you choose to pick up a physical copy of the book, you are responsible for it. You will have to pay for any unreturned books at the end of the year. 

Absence/Make up work:  If for any reason you are prevented from logging in on a particular day,  it is your responsibility to find out and make up all assignments missed. All assignments will be organized by dates on Schoology. 1 day extension may be given for each day missed without receiving penalty for late assignments. Please note that all made up work should be submitted upon completion without any reminders from the teacher. It is suggested that you email me to let me know that you submitted missed work. Any special or unusual circumstances: you need to talk to me BEFORE the assignment is due in order to receive special consideration.   


Extra help:  Every day 2:34 - 2:50pm. Please email me to make arrangements for a virtual session by subject. This may be individual or small group, depending on the number of students needing help.  


Grading Policy:

Tests:                                70 %          

Quizzes:        15 %

Homework:                             15 %

Total:                       100 %

Student-Teacher Contract 2020-2021

Electronic submission only. Please follow instructions on Schoology.  

I  _________________________________________________(PRINT) have read and completely understand all the rules and consequences clearly written and explained by Mrs. Kalinowski and promise to uphold them throughout the entire school year. 

I  _________________________________________________(PRINT) further promise to contribute to the best of my ability in Math class on a daily basis, and seek help as needed to successfully complete the course. 

WHEREFORE, I fully understand the importance of this contract between me and Mrs. Kalinowski. I am also aware that I am solely responsible for my actions and participation towards my grade. I set forth my signature below. 

Student Signature______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________________  

Parent E-mail__________________________________________________________   

Parent Phone Number : _______________________________________

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