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“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh



 ***Please put all writing tools (pencils, crayons, erasers, etc.), INSIDE the pencil box--this will be a tremendous help on the first day of school***


  • 1 box LARGE GALLON BAGGIES only; Please DO NOT send small baggies
  • 1 box of tissues 
  • 12 pencils sharpened please
  • 2 erasers (large enough for students to grasp)
  • 1 Box of Crayons (no more than 24)
  • 1 Yellow Highlighter (thin)
  • 2 Thin Dry-Erase Markers--dark colors--NO THICK MARKERS, please
  • 1 Pencil box for above materials--plastic & easily opened
  • 1 Pocket Folder for homework (NO plastic folders please)
  • 1 Green folder for Library 
  • 6 Glue Sticks 
  • 1 Composition Notebook (marble or other design) with lined paper
  • Backpack --sturdy/no wheels; backpack should be able to fit a legal-sized document
  • Earbuds or Headphonesmust fit into iPad Air 2
  • Art Smock*an old T-Shirt works well.  *Students will be painting and using other mediums that might stain clothing.  
  • Extra Clothing: please send a baggie of extra clothing (for your child, in case of accidents)


*Scissors will be available for use in the classroom 

**NOTE:  some supplies (such as glue sticks & crayons) will need to be replenished mid-year.  I will send notification.


Thank you, Parents, for your help and generosity!