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Hello and Welcome to 1B!


I am looking forward to a wonderful year of new experiences with your child!  Here are some basic pieces of information for the first day of school: 


Belongings and School Supplies:


All student belongings and supplies should be labeled with their first and last names including school fleeces, sweaters, lunch boxes, book bags, snack bags and smocks (you would not believe how many things get left behind and/or never claimed).


Students need an art smock. An old oversized tee shirt (dads) works best. Don't forget to label that as well ( we will hold onto that for the remainder of the year).


Silent Reading:


Students will have silent reading time in class. To encourage your child to become an avid reader, please pack a book with them to bring to school from home (small book please). Please send in a book that they like (if they are not reading yet, a fun picture book is fine), a book on their level not above please.  We would like your child to always have a silent reading book with them from home.




Please write your child’s normal dismissal method inside their red folder on the left hand side (Please send a note on the first day of school).  If they will be a bus rider, tape their bus pass inside of the folder on the left hand side. If they will be a car rider, please write that in their folder and who will be picking them up.  If your dismissal method alternates please explain it in a note and we will hold onto it for our records.  For example: Bus rider M/W/F, Car rider T/TH.  Please send in a note if there is a change of dismissal at any point during the year. Please do not depend on your child to know how they are getting home. We cannot take your child's word for any dismissal changes throughout the year.  Also, if you do forget to pack a note and decide to e-mail about a dismissal change, please ensure you do so as early as possible. You can also call the office if your child's dismissal changes last minute.




Tuesday is a half day while the remainder of the week are full days. Please send in only lunch for the first day of school. If you do plan to preorder lunches from the cafeteria going forward this year, please check the LUNCH tab on our school website to set up your account, if you have not done so already.


When we begin our full days of school, you will be sending in a lunch as well as a healthy snack with water, packed in a separate brown bag with their name on it (Can be a reusable snack bag as long as the childs name is on it). We have snack each day in the afternoon around 1:00 PM.  Please be aware that we may have serious nut allergies in our class. Please do not pack any lunches or snacks that contain nuts of any kind (Nutella is def a nut product). Thank you so much :-).




Please send in a 4 X 6 picture of your child with a BIG smile on their face for our 1st grade 'Let the little children come to me' Bulletin Board.  I will be keeping this picture for the entire school year.  


I will have more information for you in the days to come, as well as at Back to School Night.  Please be patient with me as things keep changing.  I will be sure to keep updating information as often as I can.  If you have any questions or concerns about anything please contact me.  I look forward to meeting you and to getting to know you and your child!


[email protected]


Mrs. Dorothy Paul