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If you ever have any questions or concerns please e-mail me @ [email protected]  






May 24, 2024



Thank you 1B for making my birthday so special and memorable.  My heart was so full when receiving all the beautiful cards the kids made.  Thank you parents for the amazing bouquet; y'all really made my day <3.  Thank you for the consistant kindness and thoughtfulness all throughout the year.


I can hardly believe it but we are entering our last few weeks of school.  We have two weeks left of spelling, reading and math work as well as assessments.  It is important to mention that the end of first grade and the kind of work the kids see will be what they see in the beginning of second grade.  They are also expected to do their work independently at this point in the year.  I have had the pleasure of speaking to many of you regarding summer work and second grade; if you would like to chat, please let me know and we will make it happen.   


It's important to mention that the kids have done such a tremendous job this year.  It seams like just yesterday they walked through those doors and were so excited about all they would learn and here we are at the end and they are reading beautifully, writing stories and preparing to learn two digit addition with regrouping!  It's truly incredible how far the kids have come and no matter how many years I see it, it truly amazes me.  It's been a great year and I'm truly grateful.



Tuesday, May 28th- Barnes and Noble Dress down


Friday, May 31st 12:30 dismissal


Wednesday, June 12th Field Day Grades 1-4/ 12:30 PM dismissal


 Thursday, June 13th12:30 PM dismissal


Friday, June 14th 12:30 PM dismissal/ Last Day for Students and Faculty



April 13, 2024


Great news first grade families!!!! We have been able to secure a 1st grade class trip :o).  Our trip will take place on Tuesday, May 7th. Please click on the link titled First Grade Class Trip for additional information.  Permission slip will be sent out shortly.


April 6, 2024


School resumes Monday, April 8th.

*Many of the kids are low on some supplies: crayons, pencils and erasers seam to be the most common if you are able to replenish for the remainder of the year :o).  Thank you!


March 31, 2024



We hope all of our 1B families enjoy a happy, healthy and blessed Easter!


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March 22, 2024


This week the kids got to present their miracle boxes to their peers.  They stood before the class and had to speak about their miracles.  It was nice to see how comfortable they were reading their cards, explaining their miracles and speaking in front of the class.  They then got a round of applause and were able to call on three friends who asked them questions about their art work as well as questions about their miracles.  The kids asked great questions and the presenters did a great job answering.   The kids were very proud of themselves :o).


March 18, 2024



On Monday,MArch 18th the 3rd Grade will begin selling chances for their Lenten Jelly Bean Raffle.
All proceeds will benefit Heifer International.
Guess the number of jelly beans and win two one-hour passes to YESTERcades, two bracelets to the SLG Carnival, and an Easter basket from Suzi's Sweet Shoppe!
Chances are $1.00 each, or 7 chances for $5.



March 12, 2024


Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying March thus far.  I wanted to check in and let you know that I was able to find a read aloud of this week's story online.  I have included a link to it on the left labeled Story read aloud.  I will also begin including a fun way to learn the vocabulary words; a Quizlet matching game.  They will be using these games next year to study for tests as well.  Let's prepare by trying this year!  


February 27, 2024



Wednesday, February 28th: Half Day 12:30 Dismissal

Thursday, February 29th: C.O.M.E. Assembly with Reverand Pilla

Friday, March 1st: End of the 2nd Trimester

Thursday, March 7th Lifetouch Makeup Picture day

*Glance at our 3rd trimester schedule
Friday, March 15th: In honor of St. Patrick's day the students are allowed to wear green shirts to school with their uniform.

Saturday, March 16th: PTA Gala at Eagle Oaks Country Club
Tuesday, March 26th Kindergarten Cereal Challenge in the AAC/ Live Stations of the Cross
Wednesday, March 27th Half Day Dismissal/ Live Stations of the Cross
Thursday, March 28th -Sunday, April 7th SCHOOL CLOSED for Easter Break



February 20, 2024


This week we will be transitioning to a student read reading test.  The students will still work on the skills covered on the past tests, however, they will now need to know their stories and use their books to find the answers in them.  


February 16, 2024


Flat Jesus & Lenten Journal 



In your child‘s purple folder you will find a laminated Flat Jesus and a Lenten Journal that goes along with him. During Lent I am asking the students to take their Flat Jesus somewhere with them or bring him to celebrations with them. Example: over to Grandma's house for Sunday dinner, to a Birthday Party, your basketball game, or to a park to play. If possible take a picture of your child and Flat Jesus doing the activity and glue it in the journal.  It can be something as simple as a family dinner or a family game night/movie night.  If you can't take a picture they can draw and color one. Then the kids should write at least three sentences about their time with Flat Jesus.  Our plan is to share our weekly outings or times spent with Flat Jesus.  The kids are to complete atleast 1 entry per week during Lent.  Have fun with this activity!



February 13, 2024


Happy snow day everyone!  The 100th day of school will now be celebrated on Thursday, February 15th.


February 1, 2024


Happy February 1B families and thank you for coming to learn with us today.  We truly enjoyed having you be a part of our classroom.  

Mrs. Jackson and I are so fortunate to have so many kind, wonderful and extremely generous families this year.  We cannot begin to tell you how special and appreciated you made us feel on Teacher Appreciation Day.  We both have beautiful flowers to adorn our kitchen tables and get to go pick up a little something for just us.  We especially loved the delicious sweets and can't wait to use our new tumblers!  You are truly the best and we both feel truly blessed <3


January 23, 2024


Upcoming Events:

January 29th: Catholic Schools Week

February 2nd: Father's Club Father/Daughter Dance

February 9th: "Souper" Bowl Collection and Dress Down (jersey) Day 

February 14th: Ash Wednesday, Valentine's and 100th Day of School!

February 19th:  No School - President's Day


Hi everyone, the 100th day of school is February 14th which is also Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday.  We do have a 100 day shirt project that is due that day so please glance at the 100 Day link on the left hand side. 



January 18, 2024



Hello 1B families!

I know rumors are flying about the posibility of going remote in the case of upcoming snow storms.  We do want to set up teams and have it working in case of the possibility of a snowy Winter.  If you have never used it and don't know how to log in, please reach out to tech support and ask for your log in and for your password to be reset.  Typically the log in would be the first initial of the students first name and the last name followed by  If you have multiple children in the school with the same first initial then it might be their

full first [email protected]

If for whatever reason you are unable to log in when a remote day is scheduled please reach out to tech support or just complete the work we send home.  Please do not stress, we will figure it all out together.


January 11, 2024


Hello 1B parents, 

As you may have seen, this week's sentences were slightly different on Wednesday.  I asked the kids to still write 5+ word sentences, however, I asked that they followed a theme (in the park).  I feel this is a crucial step in teaching them to write their stories beginning on Wednesday of next week.  They will need to choose 5 words from the spelling list that go best with the theme and then write sentences that go together.  Next week I will show them how to indent and write their thematic sentences one after the other.  The stories they will be asked to write on Wednesdays will still be 5 sentences long and will still require a picture.  I have told the kids that it won't be more work, it will just have to follow a theme.  Our hope is that the stories will get better and better as time goes on.  I tried to get them excited by saying they can use Dog Man as the character in their story or their favorite princess; it really should be fun for them.  The illustration should go along with their stories.  Let's make this story writing a fun and creative  assignment for the kids :-).


January 1, 2024


Prayer for New Years

December 19, 2023


The big day is almost upon us!!!! The First Grade Christmas Prayer Service is tomorrow.  The start time is 10:15.  Please plan to arrive prior to get a seat.  There are rows reserved directly behind our angels, however, only 2 people per student are able to sit in those rows to ensure that all the children's parents have a good seat.  If you have more than 2 in your party, the remainder will be asked to sit on the sides of the church.  Thank you Kindly!  Please don't stress about pictures as we will dismiss the entire church and allow your to get up and give you time to walk up and take plenty following the service.


Dress Up Day

Remember tomorrow is a dress up day.  That means yor Sunday best.  Please no heals or bows as every child wears a headpiece in the prayer service.


December 15, 2023


Happy Friday 1B!  We had a fun and exciting two days!

Speaking of exciting.....Mrs. Jackson and I want to thank you from the bottom of out hearts for the most generous gift we have ever received.  You all made us feel so loved and appreciated that words don't even begin to describe it.  Thank you again!  We wish you all the healthiest, happiest, most wonderful Christmas break and the happiest most abundant New Years!!!

Love, Mrs. Paul and Mrs. Jackson


December 13, 2023


Hello everyone!  

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 14th is our Christmas Play in the AAC at 7PM.

Please drop your kids off at the front doors to the school at 6:30PM.  Please don't over dress since the kids are wearing provided angel gowns and we don't want them to overheat.  Also, they will be climbing risers so please make sure they wear normal rubber soles so that they don't fall.  Thank you so much and we can't wait to make you smile!


December 3, 2023


Below you will find out second trimester schedule:


Second Trimester Specials Schedule


Monday:  Music   

Tuesday:   Spanish 

Wednesday:  Library & Gym

Thursday:  Art & Sign

Friday: Guidance & Computers


This month we are working on two songs for the Christmas play which will take place on the evening of December 14th.  A week after the play, on December 20th we will be introducing the Christmas season with an amazing and sweet Christmas prayer service.  For the prayer service we have 5 songs that we have to learn.  If you glance at the left hand side you will find the songs listed and even a link for words which can be highlighted and printed right off the website.  If you can help you rkids practice once a day at home it would be really helpful.  


Some up and coming important dates:



December 8: 9:00 Mass in recognition of the Immaculate Conception

December 14: Christmas Show, more to come on times, songs....

December 15: Polar Express Day, children wear their pj's to school

December 20: First Grade Prayer Service!  If you know that your child will not be in attendance this day, please let us know asap.  We will be assigning speaking and acting parts immediately after Thanksgiving.  The service will be sometime in the morning, usually it is around 9/10:00 but I will confirm.  Parents welcome! This day is also a 12:30 dismissal. 

December 21: no school, Christmas break begins. 

January 3: school reopens, Stocking Stuffer dress down days begin.



November 27, 2023



Children's Corner is Tuesday, November 28th 8:00-8:30   
Early Dismissal on Friday December 1st  
PTA Christmas Bazaar is Saturday December 2nd 

December 8: 9:00 Mass in recognition of the Immaculate Conception

December 14: Christmas Show, more to come on times, songs....

December 15: Polar Express Day, children wear their pj's to school

December 20: First Grade Prayer Service!  If you know that your child will not be in attendance this day, please let us know asap.  We will be assigning speaking and acting parts immediately after Thanksgiving.  The service will be sometime in the morning, usually it is around 9/10:00 but I will confirm.  Parents welcome! This day is also a 12:30 dismissal. 

December 21: no school, Christmas break begins. 

January 3: school reopens, Stocking Stuffer dress down days begin.



November 9, 2023



Odd sock day on Monday, November 13th
St. Leo the Great Mass is @ 9AM on Friday, November 10th 
SLG Turkey Feast is  Friday,  November 10th 
Fall Book Fair is Wednesday, November 15th @ 8: 15-8:45 (Join us to shop!) 
First Trimester Ends, Friday, November 17th 
Thanksgiving Break is November 22nd-26th 
Children's Corner is November 28th 8:00-8:30  
Early Dismissal on Friday December 1st 
PTA Christmas Bazaar is Saturday December 2nd

December 8: 9:00 Mass in recognition of the Immaculate Conception

December 14: Christmas Show, more to come on times, songs....

December 15: Polar Express Day, children wear their pj's to school

December 20: First Grade Prayer Service!  If you know that your child will not be in attendance this day, please let us know asap.  We will be assigning speaking and acting parts immediately after Thanksgiving.  The service will be sometime in the morning, usually it is around 9/10:00 but I will confirm.  Parents welcome! This day is also a 12:30 dismissal. 

December 21: no school, Christmas break begins. 

January 3: school reopens, Stocking Stuffer dress down days begin.


November 7, 2023


Thank you D'Accordo family for offering to donate the 12lb turkey for our Thanksgiving project!

Today you will find a small slip in your child's red folder with a couple of items asked of you to donate.  We truly appreciate your help and support!


November 6,2023



In honor of Veterans Day, Saint Leo the Great School will be collecting items to send to our troops currently deployed overseas, specifically one of our alumni, 1LT Jack Koury, SLG Class of 2013.


1LT Jack Koury is serving with the 3rd Battalion 67th Armor Division as part of the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, currently deployed in Lithuania in response to the conflict in Ukraine.


Each homeroom is asked to collect specific items, but any donations are greatly appreciated. Donations will be collected from November 1-8th.


Here on the assigned items for each grade:


1B       shaving cream/razors


Additionally, students will have the option to participate in a $5.00 Dress Down Day on Thursday, November 9th to cover the cost of shipping the care packages.

Thank you for your help and support in this service project!



The Thanksgiving Food Project 




Hello Families!  As the season of Thanks approaches, we sit back and count all of our many blessings.  It is also a wonderful time for all of us to give back and pay it forward.  This year we are being given the opportunity to help a family in need enjoy a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  The family we are helping is a family of 4; 2 adults and two kids.  Let's work together to help them have their Best Thanksgiving yet!  We are sending home slips of what we need donated by you before November 16th.  Please do not send in anything that needs to be refrigerated or anything in a glass container (NO GLASS).  We also need a 12lb turkey donation please!  If you would like to send in any additional items to help the family please feel free.  Your generosity is greatly admired and appreciated.




October 28, 2023



We will be celebrating Halloween on Tuesday, October 31st.  It is a half day. 

Please make sure your child is NOT IN HEALS and 

can use the bathroom with no problem on their own with their costume on. 

There will be NO PM Care on this day.  



October 13, 2023


Picture retakes: Monday, October 16th


School Closed: Tuesday, October 17th


School Closed (Conferences): Friday, October 20th


Early Dismissal, (Conferences): Wednesday October 25th


PTA Trunk or Treat: Friday, October 27th


Early Dismissal (Halloween) Friday, October 31st



October 2, 2023

Progress Reports 


Dear Parents,


On Friday, October 6, 2023 your child will be receiving a progress report for the first trimester. A progress report is a way to communicate about your child’s ongoing progress. Please be mindful that we are only a month into the school year.  The First Grade Progress Report is a skills-based report that assesses first grade ONLY. This report is a representation of your child’s growth. Each child is assessed individually. Please keep in mind that this is not a traditional grading scale. Our Progress report also looks at all of the skills your children will be learning THIS year, not the skills that they should have come in with.


The first section “Approach to Learning” looks at how your child’s work study habits and behavior affect your child’s learning. If your child received a “+”, “*”or “^”, it is an indication that your child has a strength or weakness in this area.


 Each child develops at different rates in different times. Academic areas are assessed according to skills taught at the current time of the report. If a skill is not assessed, it has not been formally taught or assessed.


The assessment key represents how your child demonstrates that given skill. If your child receives a four, this is an indication that your child needs teacher guidance to perform this. If your child receives a three, your child is performing this skill with minimal guidance from the teacher. If your child receives a two, your child is capable of performing this skill independently without assistance.  


These skills are introduced this year and then revisited next year in second grade.  We do not expect kids in first grade to truly 'master' anything.  Many of the skills they will continue learning in the upcoming years.  We hope that by the end of first grade they will be able to accomplish many of these tasks with minimal guidance or independently.  




     Carrie Cisar 

     Dorothy Paul 

     Allie Gaudio (Miss Madison Kutschman)




October 1, 2023

Respect Week

As you know, our students started off the school year focusing all month long on Respect. They learned what respect means, how to be respectful, and practiced various respectful acts throughout our school. During the week of October 2 nd, our students will celebrate the Week of Respect. This event is a weeklong focus on various aspects of how we should use respect in our daily lives: respecting ourselves, respecting others, respecting our school community, and respecting the world that God has created for us. Below, you will find a series of events and activities that will take place throughout the week and give our students further opportunities to enhance their understanding of being respectful:

Monday, October 2 nd Mismatched Uniform Day – Respecting Others Students are invited to mismatch their uniforms to help represent that we all are unique and to celebrate those differences that make our school community so great! Students will begin to complete kindness acts starting today and the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 3 rd Respecting Ourselves and Others – Affirmation Wall Students will help create an affirmation wall in the cafeteria with messages of respect and encouragement.

Wednesday, October 4th Respecting Our World – Blessing of the Animals All are invited to mass and a blessing of the animals to celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, recognizing his devotion to God’s animals. (after school event)

Thursday, October 5 th Respecting Our Children – Donation Drive to Support Child Care Resources The Child Care Resources provides diapers to families all over Monmouth County. While all diaper sizes are graciously accepted, the greatest need is for diaper sizes 4-6, pullups, and baby wipes. Students are encouraged to participate in our donation drive initiated by our Student Council. Donations needed are diapers sizes 4-6, pullups, and baby wipes. You can learn more about the program and the chronic problem of "diaper insecurity" in the community by visiting the website and click on the diaper bank tab.

Friday, October 6 th Respecting Our School Community: Lion Strong Dress Down Day Students are invited to celebrate the Saint Leo the Great school community and our resiliency by dressing down in their school spirit wear.

Together, we are Lion Strong!

We are looking forward to an incredible week of activities and events! If you have any questions regarding our character education and guidance program, or about our upcoming Week of Respect, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email at [email protected] and [email protected].

Sincerely, Mrs. Sharon Moran and Ms. Sarah A. Verbos School Counselors


September 25, 2023


*When yellow folders go home, please be sure to review the tests, sign them and also to sign the signature log stapled to the left hand side of the folder.


September 22, 2023


Hello everyone and happy Friyay!  We are trucking right along in the classroom.  No one is asking for rest time anymore and we are getting our work done in ample time.  The kids have been doing very well on the spelling words.  The reading tests (the auditory tests we spoke about) the kids are questioning themselves quite a bit and overthinking some things which is all very normal, they havent got the confidence yet.  I keep telling them that we are learning and things will only get easier as time goes on.  As long as they are doing their best, thats all we can ask for.  It will get better, this is definately a process. 

Speaking of tests; We are trying something new with regards to tests. We will be sending home a special yellow test folder beginning today.  You will find a signature log on the left hand side of the folder where the two tests will be listed.  Please review the tests and sign them and the log next to the tests listed.  All tests must be returned; you will get them back at the end of the trimester. 


Thank you kindly and have a wonderful weekend.


September 15, 2023


Today we took our first set of tests.  The kids took a spelling test, an auditory reading test and a check my progress in math to see how they are understanding the cncepts we are learning thus far.  They did great following lots of directions and wrote in their nicest and neatest handwriting.  Please be sure to give your kids lots of praise today to help grow their confidence.  It can be scary to take tests for the first time.  It will only get easier as time goes on because they will feel more comfortable.  They really did a great job and I'm very proud of them.  



September 14, 2023


Hello 1B families!  It was such a pleasure meeting you last night!  I realized that eventhough I talked entirely too much, I still managed to forget some important things.  

* The Math homework:  I always add an extra step in the Math packets in class, please use that in class packet as your guide for how I need the math hw done.

*We have a new religion program this year called Christ in Us.  We will be working directly in our religion books and supplementing using a child appropriate bible for bible stories.  My goal is always to make the children love religion and not feel bored by it.

*On Mondays I will be sending home a refrigerator copy that contains all of the information the kids will be learning in Language Arts during the week.  Please pay special attention to the Spelling words and the phonics sounds for our spelling test as well as our vocabulary words and high frequency words for our reading test.  

*Finally, my printer wouldn't cooperate on Back to School night so I sent home a list of the students for birthday parties and such.  Sorry to Arya who's last name I mispelled by putting a z at the end rather than an s. (always making mistakes :o))


September 11, 2023


!Dismissal Change!


AAC Dismissal Last names A-K:

Car riders whose last names begin with A-K will be picked up by their Parent/Guardian in the AAC.


Parents picking up in the AAC will park in the school’s main parking lot, which you will access by entering through the Church entrance on Hurley’s Lane. Please park your vehicle and then enter the AAC through its Main Entrance. After you pick up your child/children, you will exit the AAC on the bleacher side exit.  


Cafeteria Dismissal Last names L-Z and all with preschool siblings:

Car riders whose last name begins with L-Z will be picked up by their Parents/Guardians in the Cafeteria.  Parents picking up in the Cafeteria will park in the Church’s main parking lot, which you will access by entering through the Church entrance on Hurley’s Lane. Please park your vehicle and then enter the Cafeteria through the Hurley's lane entrance.  You will then exit through the Cafeteria exit near the Saint Mary Statue.




September 10, 2023


Picture day is Tuesday, September 12th, Please wear your regualar uniform.

I so look forward to meeting everyone at Back to school Night later that evening :o)


September 7, 2023


Notice from the office:

REMINDER: Please log in to the Parent Portal and complete the two mandatory forms (Media Release & Handbook Acknowledgement) as soon as possible!


*Picture day is September 12th or 13th, I will let you know as soon as I do which day it is  (The kids wear their regular school uniform)


Back to School Night is September 12th

I look forward to meeting everyone!


September 1, 2023


Hello and welcome to a new school year!  I can hardly believe that the summer is winding down and on September 1st we will be starting an exciting year in first grade (1B to be more precise)!  In just a few short days we will be exploring a new classroom and making lots of new friends!  I'm so excited to be returning to school and I hope you are too!




Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 5th


(it is a half day and the remainder of the first week are full days).




 Please click on the New School Year and the 2023-2024 First Grade Supplies links, in the menu, for important information about transportation, food and classroom procedures. Feel free to check out the website. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you real soon!