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2023-2024 First Grade Supplies List 








  4 Boxes of Pencils

*Ticonderoga #2 

 are best!

 ( Please do not bring in 

mechanical pencils, or 

decorative pencils/erasers)


  2 Soft Large Pencil Case


4 Latex Free Erasers


4 Boxes of Crayons 

Do not send more than

24 in a package. 

* No Twistables


8 Glue Sticks (Jumbo)

*The thicker ones last longer and dry out less


1 Box of Washable Markers 

* Please do not send more

than 8 in a package.


2 Children's Scissors (Fiscars are Best)


4 Highlighters


6 - 9x12 Plastic Folders

(2x Red and 1x Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple)

(plastic folders are best and last all year)



*You will need to purchase contact paper to cover a few books so that they aren't ruined during the year.


**Donations of tissues, Paper Towels, and hand wipes for the classroom are always accepted!**