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            Handwriting in Kindergarten


Parents can support the development of a child's handwriting skills by allowing time to practice fine motor skills.  The good news is that when your child is running, skipping, jumping, playing ball, riding a bike, his large muscles are developing and that helps the smaller muscles to develop as well.  Playing with finger puppets; doing puzzles; drawing, painting and writing on an easel with all different instruments like colored pencils, markers, chalk, different size brushes; using a rolling pin with Play Doh and using the fingers to pinch and shape the dough; using a spray water bottle with a trigger; using a hole punch, and of course holding scissors properly to cut coupons or pictures from magazines are great activities.


We talk about how to sit and hold a pencil correctly everyday in school.  We send home pictures from our handwriting books with instructions to show parents the sitting posture and pencil grip that is best for the child.  A copy of the correct way to form Alphabet Letters is attached to each child's Homework Book.  Please refer to this information.  Good habits start early and bad habits are very hard to break!