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 Kindergarten Reading


Early in the year we are identifying letters and sounds, listening for and breaking words into parts (syllables) and putting parts together to make words. Identifying and producing rhyming words are also important skills to master. As the year goes on we are blending the sounds in words to read them.


Sight Words (sometimes called High Frequency words or referred to as the Dolch Word List) are some of the most frequently used words in the English language.  Even though they number only about 200, Sight Words comprise approximately 50 to 70 percent of any given general, non-technical text. Therefore, teaching Sight Words as early as possible is considered an important part of elementary education.  These are words that are not sounded out - they are automatically recognized from frequent use.


We will introduce many of the words below throughout the year.  (Our reading program includes our words in little tear out-Decodable- readers we send home weekly.  Please save these books and ask your child to read and re-read them from time to time.)  You may want to start with a few words from the list below and add more as progress is made.  You can use the words on the list to make flashcards and play the Memory game or Go Fish. You could invest in a few sets of magnetic letters and you and your child can put difficult words on the fridge for more review time.  Students will enjoy learning the words if they are having fun!  There are lots of games on the web to practice Sight Words.  Writing the words and saying each letter name as you go helps with word recognition.

a                                                  I                                       up

all                                               in                                      was   
am                                              is                                      we
and                                             it                                     were
are                                            little                                 what

as                                              like                                  when
at                                              look                                 white  

be                                              me                                    with

boy                                            my                                   yellow
big                                             not                                    you

but                                             of                            
black                                         on                            
blue                                          one                             

brown                                     orange                            
can                                           out                            
come                                        play

did                                           purple
do                                              red  

down                                         run   
for                                             said 
from                                          see 
go                                              she
green                                       some

had                                           that

has                                            the
have                                         then
he                                            there

her                                           they

him                                          three  

his                                            this 
help                                          to

here                                         two