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School Bell Times: 7:55-2:10



If your child is to eat breakfast at school they must be at school by 7:40am.  This will ensure enough time to go to the cafeteria, eat their breakfast, get to class, and be ready to begin their academic day.   If eating breakfast at school is not an issue, they may arrive at school by 7:55am.  Regardless, any student who comes to school at 7:56am or later must go to the office for a tardy pass.

It is very important that I know how your child is getting home from school on a daily basis.  If you have ANY change in transportation I NEED A NOTE!  For your child’s safety I CANNOT take his/her word for any changes in the way of transportation.  If you need to make a last minute change PLEASE call the office and they will notify me. Please note the office may need written changes faxed to them, they may not accept transportation changes over the phone.

PLEASE try to avoid picking your child up early from school. Not only does this make your child lose instruction time, but after several tardies are accrued they will count as an absence from school. Therefore, if it is possible to make appointments after dismissal at 2:10, that would be greatly appreciated!