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Who Does the I&RS Process Benefit?


The learning, behavior, and health issues presented to the I&RS/504 Team must in some way be related to the educational process.  This process and structure has been designed to provide assistance to school personnel who may be experiencing difficulty with a student(s) and could benefit from reviewing the problem through a collaborative I&RS Team process.  Utimately, the I&RS process serves to benefit the student in question.  


Student Profiles

*present level of performance may be below grade-level benchmarks in one or more academic areas

*present level of performance may be above grade-level benchmarks and beyond classroom differentiation in one or more academic areas

*behaviors that impede learning, the following of classroom routines, and/or impact the class setting 

*behaviors that impact socialization and the cooperative learning process

*language and/or articulation issues under the Speech/Language domain

*fine motor and/or visual, spatial, and sensory issues under the Occupational Therapy domain

*gross motor and body awareness issues under the Physical Therapy domain