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What Does PUSH-IN Support Mean & Look Like in My Child's Classroom? 


Academic support can be integrated into a child's I&RS plan in either a pull-out, push-in, or hybrid scenario.


Pull-out Basic Skills Instruction operates as a short term intervention over a ten-week cycle.

A full battery equates to 3 days of Language Arts (Reading/Writing) and 2 days of Math.

It occurs over 5 days, with the instruction lasting for a 40-minute period outside the class setting. 

Depending on the child's need, they can be the recipient of just one subject, LA, or Math.


Push-in academic support can occur from 1 to 3 periods a week.  The support can be scheduled during intructional 

times of weakness, unless the assistance is targeting attentional and/or organization needs across subjects.  

The support teacher will utilize some, if not all the following:

  • clarifying and/or rewording of oral/written directions
  • highlighting key words and details
  • adding post-its or notes for further clarification of items
  • co-teaching with the teacher 
  • additional organization tools
  • focus visuals or prompts to foster attentiveness
  • breaks outside the room, if needed
  • leading small group reteaching lessons or one on one practice 
  • providing a double dose of Fundations