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Welcome to 8th Grade Music class at Ridgway Middle School.
Everyone is required to bring a pencil and earbuds or headphones to
every class.
All projects and worksheets will be kept in class folders in 
the music room until they are completed and graded.
You will have music once a week for the 1st & 2nd marking periods.

Your report card grade will be based on classwork Project,

any Music worksheets, Quizzes, Listening activities,

and Overall Behavior & Participation in Class.



Here are some of the things you will be learning about in class this year:

 "The Star-Spangled Banner" is sung by all 8th graders at graduation. We will learn more about our National Anthem in music class. 8th grade star spangled banner ws.doc

You will be given an assignment to create a multi-media Prezi on a Composer from the JAZZ Era in Music History.  We will start by learning some Jazz basics: Jazz Music History WS

Then,we will "draft" from the Jazz Musician List and finally

complete a project to share with the class 8th grade Jazz Prezis

Jazz Prezi Rubric

Together, we will learn about the History and parts of accoustic and electric guitars and how to understand string names and chord charts. 

Watch this video about electric guitars Electric Guitar - How It's Made to help you complete this fill-in-the-blank worksheet. How it's made guitars WS

Use the links on this document to help you learn more about how to play the guitar 8th Grade Guitar Lessons & Tutorials


We will also discuss the Movie Music of composer John Williams 

Listen to "Flight to Neverland" from Hook.


Learn about the compositional techniques used  in "Flight to Neverland by visiting 5 Orchestration Lessons from John Williams.

And then use Sibelius to create your own piece of "movie music"