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Welcome to 5th Grade Music class at Ridgway Middle School.
Everyone is required to bring a pencil to every class.
All projects and worksheets will be kept in class folders in
the music room until they are completed and graded.
You will have music once every four days for the 3rd & 4th marking periods.
Listening activites will happen in evey class & be recorded in Listening Logs.
Watch “Stomp - Live” and complete the worksheet

Your report card grade will be based on Classwork, Projects,
Quizzes, Behavior & Participation in Class.

Here are some of the things you will be learning about in class this year:

We will focus on each of the Elements of music:
Rhythm (Note and Rest Names and Values & Meter)
Melody (Reading Notes on the Treble Clef Staff)
 MELODY - A Line of Sounds.sib 
Harmony (Learning ways to create harmony in songs)
Tempo and Dynamics (Markings & uses of both)
Form (AB, ABA, Rondo, Theme and Variation,& Symphony)
Timbre/Tone Color (Various vocal & instrumental examples)

We will use TECHNOLOGY when learning about music
 with an introduction to Sibelius Notation Software.

The 5th Grade will learn about WORLD MUSIC.
Click on the links below to learn more!

Each Class will also get to experience Musical Theater
by watching excerpts of Broadway Musicals, like
"Annie", "Oliver!" or "Hairspray".