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Welcome to 6th Grade Music class at Ridgway Middle School.
Everyone is required to bring a pencil to every class.
All projects and worksheets will be kept in class folders in
the music room until they are completed and graded.
You will have music once every four days for the 1st & 2nd marking periods.

Your report card grade will be based on Classwork, Projects,
Quizzes, Behavior & Participation in Class.
Here are some of the things you will be learning about in class this year:
Reading Notes on the Treble Clef Staff
Note and Rest Names and Values
Meter & Rhythm
Form & Melody Writing (Retrograde)
Music of Latin America and/or Africa
Drum Circles
You will use Sibelius Notation Software
to learn how to write your own original melodies.
And learn mixing and editing skills with Sony Acid Music Studios
or garage Band for iPads
The 6th Grade will focus on Composers of the Romantic Period.
Use this template to create their locker.   6th grade composer locker 
You will listen to musical examples and keep a Listening Log