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Welcome to 7th Grade Music class at Ridgway Middle School.
Everyone is required to bring a pencil to every class and you will be doing activities that require earbuds or headphones.
All projects and worksheets will be kept in class folders in 
the music room until they are completed and graded.
You will have music once a week for the 1st & 2nd marking periods.


Your report card grade will be based on the following:
Note Reading Activities, A Guitar UnitA Pentatonic Sibelius Project,  
A Musical Theater Unit, Listening Activities
 and Overall Behavior & Participation in Class.

Here are some of the things you will be learning about in class this year:

Elements of Music & Musical Styles
Reading Notes on the Treble and Bass Clef Staff
Music of Japan, China & Korea
Japanese Folk Music
Pentatonic Melody Writing Using Sibelius Software & Improvisation
A Unit on Broadway & MUSICAL THEATER.
All classes will also get to experience group guitar lessons through a Guitar Unit