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3rd grade


Welcome to 3rd grade!! We are going to have a fantastic year! 


When you come in each morning, you will put away your belongings and read the morning message. You will write an entry in your notebook. We will discuss this later in the day.


At 9:00, we will start math class. Some of you will stay with me, and some will go to another teacher. We will learn about multiplying and dividing, fractions, and measurement. Most days we will have math groups and the period will go really fast!


Around 10:20, we will start our language arts block with reading and writing workshop. During both subjects, I teach a short mini-lesson, then you will have independent reading or writing time. During this time, a teacher might meet individually with you, or we may pull a small group. Good readers and writers always think! So everyday we are predicting, inferring, summarizing, comparing, and responding to the things we read. We will be writing personal narratives, persuasive essays, and informational pieces. 


After reading and writing are over, we will have a period of Fundations. This period will help you learn the rules of reading and writing. 


After our VERY busy morning, it's time for a break! We will have lunch and recess from 12:25-1:10. 


Then it's straight to a special from 1:15-1:55. (See the bottom for the specials schedule.)


At the very end of the day we will have science or social studies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We got brand new books last year and they are fantastic! In science, we will be learning about forces and motion, ecosystems, life cycles, climate, weather, and seasons. We will be curious scientists and do many experiments. In social studies, we will learn about citizenship, landforms, US symbols, and New Jersey. 


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will have a period called I&E (Intervention & Enrichment)This is a time when I (or another teacher) can give you extra help with something that you're having trouble with.





After that, we'll pack up and if there's time, play a game or have a show and tell. 


Our Specials Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday:  Gym
Wednesday: Music (fall) or Technology (spring)

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Health & Wellness