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You are the cornerstone of your child's learning.  You lead them in learning every day.  Remember, we are partners in education.  The best gift you can give your child is time.  By working closely together, we can help each child achieve his/her greatest potential.


Our classroom is always accepting gently used books, especially chapter books.  So, if you have any books at home that are no longer appropriate for your child, I will gladly accept your donation.  Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions:
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How can I help my child be a better writer?

How can I help my child with mathematics?


How can I help my child become a better reader?

How can I help my child become a better speller?
Answer: Use spelling city!
After clicking on this link, you should see my name near the top of the page. You should also see all of my spelling and vocabulary lists.  Right now there are high frequency words there.  Have fun!



Scholastic has a great parent website.  Here is a link to it: 

They also have a site that is useful for students.  Here is that link: