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Scholarship for 2018-2019 school year are not available at this time


Stanley W. Marczyk Scholarship

   The Stanley W. Marczyk scholarship committe is seeking applicants for its annual award for the __________ school year.  In order to be eligible the student must be registered ar Holy Spirit High School by TBA.  In addition to completing the application, the student must provide two letters of recommendation; one from the Principal and one from the Pastor or an authorized representitive of the applicant's parish.


   The scholarship is  partially based on financial need and is in the amount of $3,000 per year.  Furthermore the grant continues for four years subject to the student's successful completion for each academic school year. The total value of this scholarship could be $12,000


Complete applications must be postmarked on or before TBA.

For applications interested students should call or email:

         Andy Solari




 HSHS Mothers' Guild Scholarship

The Mothers' Guild Freshman Scholarship is a $500 award toward tuition at Holy Spirit High School. 

Please return completed application by Wednesday, TBA to the HSHS Guidance office.  The application is attached.




 Holy Spirit Fathers' Club Freshman Schplarship

The Fathers' Club Freshman Scholarship is a $1,000 award toward tution at Holy Spirit High School.

Applications are due back no later thanTBA.  Application and cover letter are attached.


 Richie Gargel Memorial Scholarship

For any student attending private High Shool

Application Deadline - TBA

Application -  


Brian Woods Scholarship

Scholarship for any student attending a Catholic High School

Application Deadline - postmarked TBA

Applications - Can be picked up in my office or can contact Jim Mogan 266-3652

Return Applications to :

         Jim Mogan

         2305 Revere BLVD


**Completed Applications must be postmarked on or before **



Love of Service Scholarship Award

Application Deadline - postmarked TBA

Applications are available in my office

Additional questions please contact Donna Andros 266-8287