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    At Hamburg School, we celebrate birthdays in a variety of ways, but we do not celebrate with food that is sent in from home.  As an alternative to sending in food items with your child, please send them in with something to share, such as a favorite movie or game.  Students can also choose extra play time, or outside play time to celebrate.  The sky's the limit on ways to celebrate and we look forward to seeing how your children choose to celebrate. 


   The cafeteria does give an option for you to purchase a cookie or ice cream for every student in your child's class if you prefer to do so.  This is permitted only once the school nurse has checked that none of the students in class has an allergy or other health related concern with the items provided.  Having the items come from our cafeteria guarantees that we know exactly what our students will be coming into contact with and keeps everyone safe.  Some families choose this option, and many choose to celebrate with non-food items. If you need the form to fill out for this option, please let us know. 


    In addition, the PTA offers an option in which you can purchase "goody bags" that will be distributed to your child's peers on the day they celebrate their birthday at school.  These bags include things such as pencils, notepads, and toys.  A form is sent home by the PTA that can be filled out for this to occur.  If you need a new form, just let us know!