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Dear Families,


I would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 Pre-Kindergarten school year.  This is an exciting time for both you and your child.  I am so happy to be sharing this journey with you and have many fun activities planned.  I would like to get to know a little more about your child.  Please answer the questions on the "All About Me" page attached and return to me as soon as possible. Also, crayons and paper are enclosed. Please have your child draw a picture of anything they wish and bring it to our Meet and Greet on Thursday, September 5th from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. When the students arrive for their first day of school, their pictures will be proudly displayed in our classroom.      


One of the first units of study is "Our Families."  We will be creating a Family Photo Album which will become part of our library.  The children love to look through the album to see their families and the families of their friends.  Please send in 4 to 8 pictures of your child's family which may include not only your immediate family but grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and pets as well.    




 Items needed for school:


1.  Your child will need a backpack labeled with their name.  Please make sure their backpack is large enough for our communication folder which will be sent home daily.


2.  Your child will also need a change of seasonally appropriate clothing (shirt, socks, underwear, and pants) for possible accidents.  Additionally, include a sweater or sweatshirt that can be kept at school.  All clothing should be sent in a zip lock bag labeled with your child's name. 


3.   Please send your child to school each day wearing socks and sneakers, or other secure footwear.  These are needed in order to ensure your child’s safety during all of our many fun activities, especially outdoor play and/or gym class. 


4.  Full day students will need rest time bedding items such as a portable mat, blanket, and pillow. All items must be able to fit in an XL Ziploc bag (24” x 27”) to ensure sanitary requirements.






Please pack a healthy snack and drink for your child each day. We will be enjoying snack time together as a class. If your child is in school for our full day program, you may pack a lunch or purchase the school lunch. Please pack their snack and lunch separately. Lunch boxes will be dropped off in the cafeteria in the morning, while their snack will travel to the classroom.




Parents are to walk their children to the cafeteria for our morning arrival. All students will be met in the cafeteria at 8:15 am by their teachers and staff. Once we depart the cafeteria, students will be considered late and must then be escorted to the main office.


Students in our half day program will dismiss from the pre-kindergarten hallway doors at 11:00 am. Full day students will be dismissed at 2:45 pm from the pre-kindergarten hallway doors.




Please label your child’s items including clothing, water bottles, snack and lunch boxes. This helps us to help your child find their own items and also ensures everything ends up where it belongs.


If you should have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, the best way to get in contact with me is by writing a note in your child's Communication Binder.  I can also be reached by through the Class DoJo or email -  I will do my best to get back to you that same day or the next day. You may also contact me by phone at 973-827-7570 ext. 416.


Here's to a great year!






Mrs. Sharon Triolo            









Regular Schedule Days


Half Day Pre-Kindergarten hours


 8:15 am - 11:00 am


Pick-up is at 11:00 am


Fully Day Pre-Kindergarten hours


8:15 am – 2:45 pm


Pick-up is at 2:45 pm




Early Closing Days


Half Day Pre-Kindergarten hours


 8:15 am - 11:00 am


Pick-up is at 11:00 am


Fully Day Pre-Kindergarten hours


8:15 am – 1:00 pm


Pick-up is at 1:00 pm




Delayed Opening Days


Half Day Pre-Kindergarten hours


 No half day session will be held


Fully Day Pre-Kindergarten hours


10:00 am – 2:45 pm


Pick-up is at 2:45 pm