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                                                                                                                  September 2022

Dear Pre-K Families,


     Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Hamburg Public School. We are very excited to have your Pre-Kindergartener in our classroom. This year is going to be a unique adventure for us all, and open lines of communication are going to help us ensure that everything runs smoothly. The Pre-K years are an important time in a child’s life as students learn not only the foundational skills for academic success, but also build a love of learning and form friendships that often last a lifetime. This school year will be filled with wonderful experiences for all of our Pre-K friends.


     Class Tag will be utilized as a platform for us to communicate, and it will be the platform that we use most often to send you information about what is happening in our classrooms.  Information about how to join our class in Class Tag will be sent to you on the first day of school in your child's backpack.  If you need that information again at any time after that, please email me at [email protected] and I will assist you.    


     Your child will need the following items for school: 

  • A backpack large enough to fit an 8.5” x 11” folder inside
  • A complete set of clothing, including socks and spare sneakers (In a ziploc bag)
  • Rest time items (a mat and a blanket, or a sleeping bag, and a small pillow)
  • 2 healthy snacks and drinks (reusable, leakproof water bottle)
  • Any personal hygiene items needed by your child



     Please make sure that ALL items are labeled clearly with your child’s name. It is also important that your child is wearing socks and sneakers or other secure footwear each day for safety reasons. We are very active throughout our day, including outdoor play (weather permitting) and gym class. Please note that sport sandals and boots are not permitted for gym class—sneakers only! If your child does not have proper footwear, he or she will not be permitted to participate in gym class activities. In addition, please have your child wear shorts underneath any dresses or skirts that are worn.


     Drop off and pick up for your Pre-K student will take place in the drop off and pick up lines with all of our other students.  An adult will be readily available to help your child exit your vehicle at drop off.  There's no need to worry about your child arriving safely at the appropriate classroom, as our staff members will be sure to get them where they need to go. At pick up time in the afternoon, an adult will use our Pick Up Patrol procedures to "call" for your child(ren) and an adult will assist in getting your child to your car.  Please do not leave your vehicle parked and walk up the sidewalk.  If you walk to pick up your child, there is a designated area for parents to gather in order to call for your child(ren) to exit the building.   In the event that you are late for arrival or early for pickup, you will need to park and come to the Main Office for assistance.  For more information about drop off and pick up, please see the school website or call the Main Office.


     Your Pre-K child(ren) will participate in PE (gym class), as well as Art Class, Library, Music Class and World Language. Scholastic Book Club forms will come home allowing you to purchase age-appropriate books that can be read together at home. School lunch is no longer free for all students, however every family can complete the Hamburg School Lunch Application form for a potential decreased cost.  The school lunch is available for purchase daily for any student who would like to do so.  Our cafeteria runs on a cashless system, so an account will need to be set up online.  For more information regarding our school lunch program or setting up an account, please see our school website or contact Mrs. Bifano at [email protected] .


  In our classroom, we have five paraprofessionals who work tirelessly to help every student be successful.  The students call them Miss Andrea, Miss Dawn, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Maureen, and Mr. D.  You will notice that we use mostly first names (or last initials if they are easier to say!).  These absolutely wonderful paraprofessionals are the reason that our classroom is able to reach such high success rates.  Within the walls of our classroom there is a great deal of work being done, but also much fun being had and love being shared.  


  More information about these items as well as general school events and other information can be found on our school website.  Should you need to contact me for any reason, there are many ways that I can be reached. We can communication through Class Tag, e-mail, by phone, or we can schedule meetings as needed. Open lines of communication are the key to student success. Also, don’t forget to check the school website regularly for schoolwide information.



Looking forward to a fantastic year,


Mrs. Amy Breitenbach (Miss Amy)                                   

973-827-7570 extension 406