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Dear Parents and Students,

  BIENVENIDOS...Welcome. My name is Mrs. Zaida Colón David and it is my pleasure to teach your young man and young lady this academic year. I have a cummulative 10 years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language and have been an educator for 15. My teaching experience includes: elementary grades (2nd and 3rd grades all subjects) as well as middle school and high school Mathematics. 


    Please take a few moments to navigate through all sections of this site. I would encourage you and your child to become familiar with the Classroom Procedures and Expectations as well as the Classroom Discipline tabs which include a more detail on how discipline is dealt with on campus as well as in my class.  




   Please remember to encourage your child to study their notes and vocabulary DAILY.  Students can use the Quizlet tab to study for their Unit tests or download the Quizlet App on their smart devices. I will send reminders daily with a link attached for your student's convenience. Between 2-4 graded assignments are given weekly. If students make a habit to review, they will succeed in class. 




Feel free to keep up with communications through email at, school phone at (225) 664-0243 or using remind. I have also included tabs on the left side of this page in case you  would rather see messages through the page. To sign up for reminders; 




 1. Remind push notifications for Spanish 2: text @ha4h33 to 81010


 2. Remind push notifications for QfS: text @3dkada to 81010




1. If a parent would like to have a conference about their child, please call the school office to schedule a parent-teacher conference.


2. If a student would like to conference with me, the student needs to make an appointment with the teacher before school, using the conference calendar. I am on campus at 7:00 a.m. each school morning. As per Louisiana Department of Education policy, the door to the classroom will remain open while a student is speaking with the teacher. 


FREE Phone Applications for Spanish Class ONLY:


A) Duolingo app: this app is very similar to the very famous and expenssive ROSETTA STONE. But no worries, it is FREE...

Students can practice all Units we are learning and MORE with this awesome app. It teaches and practices vocabulary, grammar skills, listening skills, and talking skills (it grades their pronunciation).


They can also play with friends, play againts the app, or just by themselves. Highly recommend it and its remember, its FREE!!! 


YOU HAVE NO SMART DEVICE??? Click on the Duolingo tab and create your FREE, online account.


B) QUIZLET: this amazing tool. It is teacher created and I use it for students to practice the Units we are currently covering.


C) CONJUGUEMOS.COM: I have included tabs on the left side of this page with direct links to this site. It has vocabulary review, grammar review as well as verb conjugation review of concepts we will be learning in class. I STRNGLY recommend students to us this as a tool. 





Señora Z. David