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REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS: Participation in activities that take you out of class is done with the promise that you will not use it as an excuse to need extra time to catch up. You are liable for all work on the same due date as your peers. You are to be ready for any assessment on the same day as your peers. PLEASE SEE/EMAIL ME IF YOU NEED EXTRA HELP.




Calculus IB: 

*Push yourselves despite being done. Always push yourselves to be better everday!


 *When making decisions, always make a choice that coincides with your values. If you take the easy way out, you'll regret it later. Putting your best foot forward frees you from this and, at the same time, allows you derive happiness and pride from having made the right choice.


*There was once a farmer whose horse ran away. His neighbors said, "Oh no, what a shame to lose such a valuable thing." The farmer said, "Maybe." The next day the horse came back with 3 wild mustangs. The neighbors said, "Wow, it's so great that you got 3 new horses!" The farmer said, "Maybe." Then his son tried to break one of the horses and broke his leg. The neighbors said, "Oh no, such a shame to lose a valuable worker." The farmer replied, "Maybe." The army marched through the land looking for all young able-bodied men to conscript into the army. They looked at the son limping across the farm and decided not to take him. The neighbors said, "Oh what joy that your son doesn't have to go off to war!" The farmer replied, "Maybe." 

The point of the story is that we have to practice being non-judgemental about things. If we derive our happiness and sadness from external events, we will always be riding an emotional rollercoaster over which we have no control. Instead we try to control how we feel through practice. Allow events to be what they are without the need to judge. Take control of your emotional well-being.



*People say live life with no regrets. I say it's impossible. And it's garbage. I say live life WITH regrets. When we do something wrong we need to hold them close to our heart. They guide us in the future to make better decisions. They remind us that we're not perfect and we should empathize with those who make mistakes. We should forgive ourselves, of course. However we should also hold on to them. Be better for it. 



*People say 'live every day like its your last' and use it to justify bailing on friends when they need us, lying, cheating, stealing, partying, and making bad decisions. We use it to justify being lazy. Instead of working hard, what if today is our last? So we don't work hard. Living every day like its your last should spur us to discharge our duties to the fullest every day. We should be able to put our head on that pillow at night thinking, "If today was my last day, I can be proud of what I've done. I told my family and friends I love them. I  did my best work at school and my job. I put my child to bed at night. I was THERE for everyone that needed me. 




*A boy seeking wisdom saught out a wise master. The boy told the master all his thoughts on knowledge, wisdom, life, etc. He begged the master to impart further wisdom. The master simply got some cups out and poured tea. He poured a little into hiw own cup. He filled the boy's to the brim. He kept pouring until the boy yelled "Stop! It's overflowing!" The master replied, "How can I teach you when you are already too full? You must empty your cup first. You must be ready to receive."


Humility is one of the most important qualities. If we believe we know everything, there is room for nothing. No disagreement can ever be resolved if both parties have no room for something new. We must be humble and ready to accept the fact that in EVERY area of our life, there is more we can learn and RE-learn. Try this. Focus on your breath. Breathe in and welcome that fresh breath of air. It is a new breath and thank it for the life it gives you. Breathe out and let go of that breath. Just like that we ready ourselves for life...or the next conversation. Maybe its with a friend of 10 years or a stranger you just met. Breathe in. Be ready to have a brand new conversation and learn something new. Whether you've known the person forever or not. If you aren't ready to accept something new, then your relationships will never grow. Breathe out, be ready to abolish a notion you might have had about your friend or loved one that you held for so long.  This practice allows for growth in all areas of our personal and professional life.