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How can I serve from home? 


*Write a letter to a friend, a soldier, health care provider, or nuring home resident. Getting mail cheers everyone up! 


*Write a letter to your teacher telling him/her that you appreciate them. Learning from home is hard ;)


*Pick up the trash around your neighborhood. Wear gloves!


*Cut someone's grass for them.


*Call a friend or family friend and tell them you are thinking about them. 


*Play a game with your sibling. Congratulate them if they win. Be gracious if you win.


*Create a Gratitude Journal. Write down all the things you are thankful for. Share this with someone you love!


*Cook a meal for your family.


*Clean your bedroom or bathroom without being asked.


*Record yourself reading a story. Email that to Mrs. Kennedy to add to YouTube! 


*Ask your mom, dad, grandparent, neighbor how you can help them today. 


*Email Mrs. Kennedy with more ideas!! Let's make a difference for the people around us!