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      Education is the building block of our future. It provides a foundation for learning and growth to take place.  It provides opportunities for creativity, as well as, emotional growth of all students.  Education provides educational experiences that prepare students for careers and life-long learning. Like the Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; you feed him for a lifetime. I believe that education is a process not only the product. The process shows the entire problem solving technique that a child goes through to complete a task.

     The choices available in school and the choices children make will affect their future.  Education is more than basic skills, math, reading, and writing; it is also values, learning about one-self, and respecting the ideas of others. I believe that children learn by doing, not watching. I believe in hands-on, mind-on activities, cooperative learning, investigations, projects, discovery learning, and making the learning real for the students.  Education is meeting the individual needs of all students.  I do this by teaching through the seven intelligences.  Education is teaching for mastery. School should be a place where all children gain the knowledge being taught to the best of their abilities. It is remediation, as well as, enrichment.

     Teachers are the facilitators, organizers, and active learners. Education is the foundation where students learn to be honest, hard-working citizens. I believe it is the educator's  responsibility to provide the students with a no-risk learning environment where any child feels comfortable enough to pose questions and discuss her or his ideas. I feel school should be a place where children can feel safe, and the teacher should be a person the students respect and trust.