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Welcome to my website. The information that I will be posting, will list resources for the students to utilize for assessment purpose. These assessments will ensure educational success for students progress. Thank you for your continue support and assistance. This site will enable me to enhance student learning as well as foster a conducive environment that  guarantees academic achievement.  I hope that it will help you in supporting your child in this course for the 2014-2015 school year.  First of all, please understand that History, like Science, is not an elective. History/Social Studies is one of four core subjects where your GPA is very important for promotion to the eighth grade and high school. History is a "heavy" course. In other words, there is a lot of material to cover and absorb for the iLEAP Exam, let alone for class credit, and memory work is a large part of it. There is no getting around this fact. Your child will have to put in serious study time getting familiar with what we have to know/learn to be able to answer Louisiana state initiated questions on the iLEAP.  Money is time and time is money and all students must spend time in their studies in order to succeed in this class.


Daily Schedule


7:28 8:16- Homeroom/1st Period  - American History 



8:20- 9:08 2nd Period - Planning Period


9:12- 10:00 - 3rd Period - American History

10:04- 11:30 10:52- 4th Period - American History

10:52 - 11:22- Lunch 


11:26-12:14 5th Period -American History


12:18 - 1:06 - 6th period - American History

1:10 - 1:58- 7th period -
 American History


2:02- 2:50 - 8th - American History