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I have given each child a homework folder that has been clearly labeled with his or her name.  This folder is to be checked each day by you, the parent, and returned to school with your child each day.  When there is completed work, important notes, or permission slips to be sent home, they will be placed in your child's homework folder.  Treat this folder with respect and care.  If it is destroyed or lost, it will by your child's responsiibility to replace it immediately.

Your child will receive a weekly homework calendar at the beginning of each school week in his/her homework folder. It will explain your child's homework and when each test will be given. Homework will be checked daily and should be returned to school in your child's homework folder. Once checked, it will be placed on the “Keep” side of the folder and should be kept at home. This homework calendar will not include Reading. That assignment will come from your child's Reading teacher.

Homework completion is an important part of our curriculum.  I understand how hectic things can become with dancing, scouting and athletics after school each day.  However, it is important that homework become a priority in your household.  Make sure that your child has an appropriate place to do his or her homework.  Homework grows more rigorous each year your child is in school.  Developing good study habits now will ensure academic success in the future.


This is your child's Reading folder.  Only Reading material should be kept in this folder.  Your child will receive a homework calendar specifically for Reading.  Reading homework should be done nightly and kept in your child's Reading folder.


Your child will receive their weekly conduct grade along with their weekly test papers every Tuesday. They will be sent home in folderlabeled Test Papers. Please sign this sheet that will be stapled to the test papers and return the folder with the test papers on the following day.

When sending lunch money, picture money, raffle money, etc., please place it (preferably labeled in an envelope) in your child’s red folder.  Students will be asked each morning to check their red folder for money and notes.  I will not have time to check each child’s folder and book sack.  Snack money is your child’s responsibility.  They must keep track of their own snack money.