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  • Respect personal space and school property
  • Respond appropriately
  • Use words of respect (Thank you, Yes Ma’am, etc.)
  • Listen while other people speak
  • Raise hand to be recognized


  • Be prepared (supplies, homework, books, etc.)
  • Follow directions
  • Clean up your area
  • Complete class assignments



  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Sit properly
  • Use school supplies properly
  •  Keep school/personal belongings out of walking areas


Students who follow these rules and behave appropriately will receive the following rewards:  verbal praise, tiger paws, stickers, positive notes, Party with the Principal, etc. 

            If a student breaks a rule, their name will be moved down in each category and they will suffer the following consequences:


            1st:    Warning.

            2nd:   Conduct grade lowered to B (Redirect appropriate behavior).

            3rd:    Conduct grade lowered to C.
                     1-10 minutes of recess in classroom  (Conference with student)

                     Student will copy classroom rule broken.
            4th:    Conduct grade lowered to D.

                     10-20 minutes of recess in classroom (Time out if necessary)
    Student will copy classroom rules broken.
            5th:    Conduct grade lowered to F.
                     20-25 minutes of recess in classroom (Behavior intervention report
                     sent home)
        Student will copy classroom rules broken.
    Sever Disruption:  
                Behavior intervention report and/or principal's office.