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Saturday the November 13th is World Kindness Day!  Think about how you can be extra kind to people in your life!  Check out my short lesson:



Week of Oct. 25th: This is Red Ribbon Week, when we learn the power to say NO to things that are bad for our bodies. 



Week of Oct. 18th: This is School Violence Awareness Week!  Click on this link to view some videos and books to help you stay in control of your emotions.




Week of Oct. 4th: This is the Week of Respect!  Please visit my Bitmoji Respect Reading Room to listen to some read alouds about being respectful, click:



Week of Sept. 28th:

*Sept. 28th is National Family Day!  Watch my read aloud and follow up with an easy activity you and your family can do together!  Click here:


Mrs. Antell's SEL room!:

You can check out my SEL room and access the video from there!




Get to know Mrs. Antell:

*Please watch my introductory lesson, "Meet Mrs. Antell" here:




Nervous about going back to school????

* Watch this mindfulness Maya episode about Back to School Jitters...   then practice some belly breathing to focus yourself and to help you stay calm and relaxed.