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Saturday the November 13th is World Kindness Day!  Think about how you can be extra kind to people in your life!  Check out my short lesson:



Week of Oct. 25th: This is Red Ribbon Week, when we learn the power to say NO to things that are bad for our bodies.  Click on this link to watch Mrs. Antell's first grade RRW lesson from previous years:



Week of Oct. 18th: This is School Violence Awareness Week!  Click on this link to view some videos and books to help you stay in control of your emotions.


Week of Oct. 4th: This is the Week of Respect!  Please visit my Bitmoji Respect Reading Room to listen to some read alouds about being respectful, click:



Week of Sept. 28th:

*Sept. 28th is National Family Day!  Watch my read aloud and follow up with an easy activity you and your family can do together!  Click here:


Mrs. Antell's SEL room!:

You can check out my SEL room and access the video from there!




Get to know Mrs. Antell:

*Please watch my introductory lesson, "Meet Mrs. Antell" here:




Nervous about going back to school????

* Watch this mindfulness Maya episode about Back to School Jitters...   then practice some belly breathing to focus yourself and to help you stay calm and relaxed.