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Reminders & Information


Summer Reading - summer reading assignment has been posted in google classroom and was discussed with all students prior to the end of school.  Just a reminder, this is due NO LATER THAN THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and must be submitted via google classroom.  Be sure you are following directions and including all that is required.


Please continue to check here for important updates.  Stay safe and stay healthy!  Have a great summer!




  Attention Parents/Guardians - if you would like to receive an email update of postings and assignments in your child's google classroom, simply send me an email with the email you want it sent to and I will send you the setup notification.  My email is  Please do not join as a student in google classroom.


** Assignments in student agendas override any assignments posted in google classroom and Oncourse.  Please refer to agendas for the most up to date assignments.  All assignments are due on the due date when students walk in the door at 8 AM regardless of the timestamps in google classroom, unless instructed otherwise. ***