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Spanish Class                                                                                                Mrs. Arroyo

Student Responsibility Sheet

1.  It is your responsibility to come to class prepared with notebook, pen or pencil, folder and your textbook.
2.  It is your responsibility to maintain a notebook and folder for the class. Make sure you date each page.

3.  It is your responsibility to complete all class and homework assignments on time.  Incomplete or late assignments are not acceptable.

 4. It is your responsibility to demonstrate orderly  and mature behavior at all times. Chewing gum or consuming food or drink is expressly forbidden in my class. Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.

5.  It is your responsibility   to come to class on time.

6.  It is your responsibility to always pay attention in class and make an honest effort to progress.

7.  It is your responsibility to leave the room in the same orderly fashion that you found it. Do not put paper or trash on the floor.


Criteria for Grade Evaluation.

Your grade will be determined at the end of each marking period on an average from the following:

5th and 6th grade: Homework 10%, Classwork/Participation 15%, Quizzes 40% and Tests 35%

8th grade: Homework 15%, Classwork/Participation 10%, Quizzes 40% and Tests 35%



Earning points for the 5th, 6th and 8th.

Ticket can be earned by:

1. Class  participation.

2. Classwork.

1.  1 thru 5 points.

2.  One ticket per quiz or test.

3.  Students must use the ticket on the same say of the quiz or test.

4.  The tickets will have the point earned and your name on the back of the ticket.

5.  If students write on the back of the ticket, the ticket will not valid.