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Due Date: January 5th

February 3rd




Current Events


  1. Read an article about a current event, then answer the questions below and write a paragraph summarizing the article.  Include answers to the following: 


  •  Who wrote the article? (5 points)

  • What is the article about?  (5 points)

  • When did the topic of the article take place?  (5 points)

  • Where did the event or topic occur?  (5 points)

  • Why is it newsworthy?  (5 points)


  1. All current events need to be submitted through google classroom.  


  1. Your completed current event must include the following: 


  • Your name (-5 if missing)

  • The due date (-5 if missing)

  • The five W’s (see above; -5 if missing)

  • A link to the source article (or a printed copy or photo of the newspaper article; -10 if missing)

  • 5 sentence summary (-10 for each sentence missing) 

  • 1 sentence reaction- what did you think/feel about the article after you read it (-5 if missing)

  1. This assignment MUST be in your own words!!

  • Summaries taken from the article, in full or in part, will not receive full credit.


  1. Current event due dates will be listed on my website under the current event tab. 


Some kid-friendly reputable internet sites: 






Example Current Event Submission




Source: [the full url]








Summary: [ 5 Sentences ]


Reaction: [ at least 1 sentence of your thoughts or opinions about the article]