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Due Date: April 30th


current event resource:,,


Fourth and Fifth Grade Monthly Current Events


1. Article/Topic Sentence- 2 points (do not restate the title of the article) the title must be written in your own words,



2. Summary- 6 points - summarize your article in your own words.  must be a min of one paragragh (4-6 sentences or more),



3.  reflection paragraph- 8 points-  how does the event affect people in that area, how does it affect the area itself, how do you feel about the event, and how would you react if you lived in that area, min of one paragraph 4-6 sentences).  Try to find creative ways to state your opinions or concerns instead of starting with "I think... or I feel"  


4. Overall Writing mechanics/NEATNESS- 4 points - remeber to have all of the above topics, PROOFREAD, 


5. Article- 5 points- Articled is stapled to the front of your written report!  Points will be taken off if not! 



Each event must have happened within the month of the assignment.  For example, December's current event must have happened in December.  This is the same for each month.  This can be typed or handwritten with the copy of the article stapled to the front of the assignment.  The project may be handed in one day prior to the scheduled due date- no sooner!


Late Projects: Because the students will receive the due date approximately 3-4 weeks in advance, there will be NO EXCUSES for late projects.  For example, please do not wait until the night before to print out your report in case of any printer issues!  For every day late, 5 points will be deducted off your final grade.