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25% of the grade in Grades 6-8 will come from tests and assignments. 



25% teacher assessment of the student meeting the physical standards appropriate for their age according the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards



50% of the student's grade in Grade 6-8, and 75% of the student's grade in grade K-5 will come from a daily grade.

Students will be graded daily on this 10 point scale:

  • ●  2 points for having sneakers and appropriate clothing on

    *Students may participate if they have on shoes that are not sneakers but the teacher feels they are safe for particular activity, but they will lose these points. Students will not be allowed to participate if wearing flip-flops, sandals, high heels, cowboy boots, etc.

  • ●  2 points for Cooperation:

  •  ■ teamwork

  • sportsmanship

  • ●  2 points for Attitude and Behavior:

    respecting the teacher and the rules controlling their body appropriately
    entering and exiting the gym correctly

  • ●  4 points for Participation.
    Students will receive the full 4 points if they give a

    great effort with no reminders needed

    • Students will receive 3 points if they give an above

      average effort, but need a reminder

    • Students will receive 2 points if they give an average

      effort and need 2 reminders

    • Students will receive 1 point if they give a below

      average effort and need several reminders