page contents    Sports Illustrated for Kids, They aim to create a fun, safe environment for kids, filled with news, games, and interactive features.   A basketball fan site loaded with quality content for kids who love to play the game and watch NBA games. Kids can learn how to throw a perfect chest pass, play games (like matching NBA stars' baby pictures to their grown-up likenesses), build their own "Amazing Arena," or check the latest stats of a favorite player or team.   Recommended for children 10 and up, parents need to know that this site is a hub for sporting news from NBC that features some Sports Illustrated content, too. Kids can find stats, scores, and videos clips from NBC sports shows (don't worry; any bad words are bleeped out). There are also news reports, writer blogs, expert commentary, and of course, a fantasy sports section.    - Recommended for kids 10 and up, parents need to know that this comprehensive sports site isn't really geared toward kids, but there's not much here that's inappropriate for them.  Even though most of the content is straightforward stats, analysis, and just plain fun, sometimes the sporting world's underbelly shows a more serious side (doping, racism, gambling) that requires a parent's -- not a message board's -- explanation and guidance.