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Middle School

Rules & Policies


  • Grading policy

    • 50% tests/major projects

    •  30% quizzes/minor projects or in-class assignments 

    •  20% classwork/homework/ other

  • Students will receive a zero for late work and no late assignments will be accepted unless you were absent from school. If you forget to click turn in on assignments posted in google classroom, it is considered late/missing and will be a 0. 

  • Papers without names will be posted on the board and remain for one week or until claimed, whichever comes first.  After one week,  they will be thrown out and student grade will remain a zero in the gradebook.

  • If a student is absent, extensions will be applied as per school policy. MOST assignments will be posted in google classroom but check with your teachers to be sure. It’s the student’s responsibility to complete and turn in work. Grade will remain a 0, until the work is turned in. 

  • Ways to earn “Boro Bucks” - ON HOLD FOR NOW DURING COVID

    • Students of the month receive 3 Boro Bucks. 

    • A’s on a test receive 2 Boro Bucks & B’s on tests receive 1 Boro Buck

    • Also distributed at teacher’s discretion 

  • Locker visits- before school/homeroom, before and after lunch, at the end of the day.  Any exceptions to this must be approved by a teacher.  Be prepared and take what you need!

  • Students will not be permitted to return to a classroom to retrieve forgotten items and belongings (sweaters, chromebooks, notebooks,assignments,  etc) once classes are in session.

  • Homework passes must be used in the correct class. They will be marked with a specific symbol and signed by the teacher. They are only permitted to be used in the classroom for which they were distributed. 

  • Adjustment grace period- September 30th - You will have approximately a month to adjust to changing classes, going to lockers and so on.  After Sept. 30th, no late work accepted, no returning to lockers or other classrooms.  

  • IXL Extra Credit - teachers may assign IXL modules/units that qualify to current or future lessons, as teachers see fit.  They may be worked on if a student finishes all assignments early.

    •  Students can earn extra credit points for tests/quizzes for a maximum of 5pts.  on a test or 3 points on quiz.

    •  Students  can earn 1 point for each standard they master (100%) associated with the  unit assigned.

    •  Students are responsible to keep track of their mastered standards on index cards located in each classroom or notify the teacher via email, whichever is the teacher’s preferred method.


                            Teachers reserve the right to amend or adjust these policies as needed.