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Mr. Sarbello

Science 6th-8th


Science Fair Club is now happening. This club will happen each week from 3:00-4:00 PM. A permission slip must be signed in order to stay and a guardian must pick up the child staying after promptly at 4:00. 

Robotics Club will be starting in January. Our first meeting is set for January 24th. Permission slips must be signed and returned in order for anyone to stay. 




Congratulations to the following students who won at the Elsinboro Township School Science Fair. They will be moving on to the County Fair in March. 


6th Grade 


1st-Ryan Doresy “Animal Manure” 


2nd-Arianna Morales “Dancer Reaction Time” 


3rd-Sophia Palmer “Gummy Bear Experiment” 


Honorable Mention-Zane Davis “Bacteria Location” 


7th Grade 


1st-Sasha Reese “Having A Ball With Bowling” 


2nd-Bella Shaffer “What Type Of Water Makes A Plant Grow Faster?” 


3rd-Jaylianis Matos “Where Are The Most Bacteria In A School?” 


Honorable Mention-Jayda Wood “Does The Launch Angle Affect The Distance A Football Is Thrown?” 


Honorable Mention-Abigail Maher “How Fast Can A 6th, 7th & 8th Grader Read 152 Words?” 


8th Grade


1st-Rylee Doerr “Bat Debate” 


2nd-Jasmine Johnson “Does Conversation Affect Reaction Time” 


3rd-Madison Johnson “Do Different Liquids Affect Algae Growth?” 


Honorable Mention-Landon Thomas “Does The Length Of A Mousetrap Car Affect Distance Traveled?” 


Honorable Mention-Chase Russell “Rubber Band Elasticity” 


Honorable Mention-Caden Davis “Does The Temperature Of A Tennis Ball Affect It’s Bounce?” 





In an effort to better accommodate students of all learning styles and abilities, we have decided to change our grading policy to the following percentages for each class. This will be in effect from the 2nd marking period, it will not apply to the first marking period.


  • Math- Test 35%, quizzes 30% , other 35% (classwork/homework/projects/assignments) 

  • Science-Tests/Major Projects 40%, Labs 25%, 

   Quizzes 20%, Classwork/Homework 15%

  • Literacy/Social Studies -Tests 40% , Quizzes 35% , Classwork/Homework 25%













Any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 856-935-3817 ext. 107.