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Classroom Resources


For both English 10 Honors and Academy English 9, I like to use the Google Classroom for daily communication with students. The link can be found here.


For some assignments, I ask that students check out Newsela, which can be found here.


Student Contract

General Coursework:

  1. Homework: Homework is mandatory. Homework includes and is not limited to reading, writing, and researching information discussed in class. All homework will be assigned and collected throughout the school week. Absence is not an excuse for a missed homework assignment. Homework will be posted on the board in the classroom and on Google Classroom.

  2. Tests and Quizzes: Tests will always be announced and quizzes will be used at teacher discretion. If you are absent the day of a test, you will be expected to complete the test upon your return. YOU must come to the teacher during the “Do Now” the day you return and schedule a time to make up any missed assignments. Failure to make up any test or quiz will result in a 0 or MIS in Parent Portal.

  3. Essays: Unless told otherwise, all essays will be completed in MLA format and must be submitted electronically via Google Classroom. Essays will be given back with a coded paper. From the codes, students will correct and return their papers when assigned. Papers that are not returned will receive a 0 or MIS in Parent Portal.

  4. Binders:You will be responsible to keep a detailed and organized binder for this class. Binders should be organized for use in class and for homework assignments. I require a 3-ring binder so that you can take out and put in papers more easily and neatly.

  5. Standardized tests: Each marking period a quarterly assessment will be given. You will be alerted to when the exam will take place and you are expected to be in attendance. Attendance for PARCC is mandatory and each student must take all parts of the exam.


  1. Google Classroom: Students must check Google Classroom daily for announcements and homework. All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and assignments must be submitted on the Classroom.

  2. Plagiarism: Plagiarism in any form according to district policy will result in a grade of 0. Guidance, your parents, and all of your other teachers will be notified of the incident.

  3. Late Work and Make-Up Work: I expect all assignments to be completed for the class. If you anticipate that you will not be able to complete an assignment on time, then it is your responsibility to speak with me at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an extension date. If you are absent on a due date, the assignment must be submitted electronically on the due date and a hard copy will be expected upon your return.

  4. Take Home Assignments: Absences are not an excuse. Assignments have due dates and can be emailed or sent in with a friend. Any assignment that is given can be emailed to the teacher’s Bayonne Board of Education email address located at the top of this page and on the Google classroom, so that the assignment can be handed in on time. The cost of handing an assignment in late results in a deduction of 10 points per day. To avoid this, assignments can be submitted via the Google classroom with a hard copy provided the day the student returns. Also assignments can be handed in EARLIER as you are not limited to the due date unless told otherwise.

  5. Books: Students will be given books, both textbooks and smaller individual texts throughout the year. Students are required to return the books when asked and in the same condition they have received the book. Failure to return a book by the end of the school year or returning a soiled book will result in paying a fee to the school for a new copy of the book.


Students will need the following materials for class:

  1. One 3-ring Binder

  2. 2 pens (black or blue ONLY)

  3. 2 highlighters

  4. Pocket folder(s) for materials distributed in class

Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

  1. Enter the classroom silently, take your assigned seat, and start the “Do Now” posted on the board.

  2. Permission to use the bathroom will not be permitted within the first and last 10 minutes of class and while a test is being administered.

  3. Students asking bathroom permission will be excused ONE at a time and must sign out and carry a pass.

  4. No food or beverages (except water) are allowed in class.

  5. Bring all of your materials (notebook, pen, etc) to class because you will not be permitted to go to your locker during class time.

  6. All school policies (uniform, cell phone, etc) will be enforced.

  7. Tardiness to class will not be tolerated. If you arrive late to my class, I will expect you to have a pass.

    • 3 cuts = suspension

    • 4 cuts = WN (Withdrawal from the class)

  8. There should not be a cell phone problem. We will deal with cell phone issues as they arise. Your vice principal and parent(s) will be alerted of any issues.



Your marking period grades will breakdown as follows:

  • Summative Assessments - 60%

    • Big projects or tests

    • Writing assignment

  • Formative Assessments - 40%

    • Quizzes

    • Classwork

    • Homework

    • Etc.


Grading scales

  • A passing grade this year is 70%.

  • Letter grades will generally not be used.

  • Assignments with rubrics will be graded by the rubric scores.



Will not count towards your grade