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 Sept 9, 2020


Welcome Parents, Guardians, and Students:

This year the Bayonne Board of Education will be using schoology for our online instruction!
Students access Schoology by visiting the website:


Login Credentials for both your student Chromebook and Schoology are your First Name, Last
Name, and the last two digits of your graduation year, followed by


Your password is bboed followed by your student ID number (NO SPACES)

Example username: [email protected]

Example password: bboed123456


More information about Schoology and other online resources can be found on the Student tab

of the BBoEd website at





If you have any questions, once again you are free to email me anytime at [email protected]. Students can also contact me via the Google Classroom.  


NEWS! These are the following updates that have been made to this website

  • Link to Schoology provided at the top

 Links to the side


Homework and Events - Listing of the homework for both English 10 Honors and English 10 (more up to date and detailed entries can be found on Google Classroom)


  • Classroom resources - important links for assignments and student policies
  • NJSLA information - information on what the NJLSA is and practice tests
  • MLA information - information on what the MLA format is and how to properly cite.
  • SAT information - information on the new SAT and practice tests.
  • Free literary sources - websites that provide free book services such as PDF copies of public domain work and audio readings.
  • Social Media - Informational YouTube channels/videos, blogs I follow, and interesting twitter accounts.
  • Book recommendations - Monthly book recommendations from me
  • We the People Competition - Information on the We the People Competition. 
  • Sister Rose Thering Competition - information on the Sister Rose Thering Competition
  • Women and Gender Studies essay competition - information on the Women's essay contest from Seton Hall's Website.

 Current stories being read in class

English 10


English 10 Honors 




If you feel you need tutoring in English, here are the times. Let me know if you want to go.