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The H. Russell Swift Elementary School Media Center reflects the goals and philosophy of the EggHarborTownshipSchool District to embrace, engage, and educate all patrons.  As a Library Media Center, the staff and programming will advocate the concept of intellectual freedom for all.  The library media center exists to implement, enrich, and support the educational programs of the school, and to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  It should be a safe and friendly environment that promotes reading, learning, research and good citizenship. 





 The H. Russell Swift Elementary School Media Center will provide:


 *Access to a variety of materials in various formats


 *Resources and instruction in the skills necessary for students to become independent, lifelong learners as well as discerning readers, viewers, and listeners


 *An atmosphere that is conducive to learning that is both comfortable and friendly


 *Resources that allow learning to go beyond the confines of a textbook


 *A place within the school where curriculum-related and leisure-oriented resources are available for the school community


 *A gateway to information as it becomes available to ensure productive use of emerging technologies by students and staff


 * Resources that are continuously maintained and updated and meet the current and changing needs of students and staff


* Resources that are a reflection of the diversity of world cultures


* Services necessary to assist all patrons in their quest for information


Updated 9/25/2018