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 The Birthday Book Club



The Birthday Book Club is a program meant to encourage the love of the library and reading.  In honor of your child’s birthday, you may donate a hardback book in your child’s name to the library.  (Paperback books do not hold up for the amount of circulating the books go through.)  Please feel free to choose a  new release or a designated book at our book fairs, which are held in October and March.  Just look for the special birthday cake signs designating birthday books.  Of course, you can always take your child to BAM and pick a book with them there!  That would be an awesome afternoon!  Birthday books are taken any time of the year! 


Once the book has been delivered to the library, a birthday nameplate with your child’s name and birthday will be placed inside the book.  Also, a picture of your child holding the book will be taken and displayed on the Birthday Book Club Bulletin Board in the Library Hallway.  The donations help the library; but most of all; this program makes the children proud of their library because they have helped support it.




Thank you for supporting our Birthday Book Club!